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Eileen Howard


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Eric Lang and Eileen Howard, double-cast as workers at the wedding venue and as quirky relatives of the bride, add gobs and gobs of comedy to both sets of roles.  Mimsy/Aunt Sheila, IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU

Eric Lang and Eileen Howard are a total hoot as Albert's minions (and a few other characters).

Mimsy/Aunt Sheila, IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU

Landlady Judith is the strongest of the bunch. She's quirky, lovely, and someone you'd want to sit in the heat with. Eileen Howard had an immeasurable heart to give. (Judith, MRS. SCHRODINGER'S CAT)

             Theater in the Now​

Howard makes the woefully naive Judith uproariously hilarious at times.    (Judith, MRS. SCHRODINGER'S CAT)

               Theater Pizzazz

..the most vivid performance was delivered by Eileen Howard as Gordon’s controlling mother.  (Mimi, A NEW BRAIN)                                         

The Columbus Dispatch​


Eileen appeared as Elisabeth in the new musical, Mother of God, by Christian Albright and Christian Magby, at the Atlanta Musical Theater Festival in August.

Mrs. Schrodinger's Cat Cast Interview on WNYU Radio's, A-C-E Program​

 Video from the film There May Be Spoilers and the TV show Mansions and Murders.

Eileen released her fith CD "Big City Love", featuring original compositions and unique arrangements of classics.

actor - singer - director

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